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I purchased a 5 bedroom 3.5 bath home from Pittsburgh Property Guy in the city’s east end. The 90 year old home was completely stripped down to the studs and renovated by Pittsburgh Property Guy. After living in the house for nearly a year, I can attest to the very high level of quality and craftsmanship that he put into this home. The home inspector even commented to me prior to purchasing that he’s seen a lot of renovated homes, and this one was clearly done right. He used high end finishes like Brazilian Cherry floors, granite kitchen counters, and marble in the master bathroom. He also took the time to have the brick cleaned on the outside of the house, exposed and restored original woodwork, vaulted the 3rd floor to create even more livable space. Everywhere you look, you can see that time and thought was put into the final product. It’s been so nice having friends and family comment on the beauty and quality of the renovation too!

Aside from the quality craftsmanship, Pittsburgh Property Guy himself provided top notch customer service to me when I had questions or minor issues that I encountered. He worked with me directly via phone and email, and was always very quick to respond. It was clear that my happiness as his customer was important to him, and that’s not something that should be overlooked! If you’re thinking about buying one of his properties, you’re in safe hands.

- Ryan C.

The Pittsburgh Property Guy Team has become one of the most valuable assets to my Real Estate Investing Business.

1) Quality Deals The PPG Team rehabs, buys & holds and wholesales properties. They know what a deal looks like and they know the value they need to offer to be worth my time.

2) Passion The PPG Team is passionate about what they do. Their passion resonates in their expertise and the way they do business. Their passion adds energy and value to my business.

3) Hard Working and Hands-On When challenges arise, I never worry about time being wasted fumbling around. Phones start ringing, meetings and conversations are scheduled and problems get solved. Additionally, they have been at this awhile and hence possess many creative ways to overcome obstacles. They save me time, effort and hassle.

4) Integrity, Honesty and Fairness The PPG Team does what they say they are going to do and seek the Win-Win with everything on the table; no hidden surprises. I don’t waste unnecessary time fact checking or assessing risk/doubt.

5) Value Long Term Relationships The PPG Team is in it for the long haul. They value their vendor relationships as well as their customer relationships. This long term relationship approach makes for a seamless and streamlined experience with PPG and its associates as well as a desire to do ongoing sustainable business with PPG.

The Pittsburgh Property Guy Team supplements and enhances my ability to acquire properties and build my portfolio. This greatly contributes to allowing me to scale my business. I couldn’t be more excited or grateful to have the opportunity to do business with such a great Team. Thank you Pittsburgh Property Guy! Because of PPG’s long time experience, integrity, honesty and fairness, I would recommend PPG to any new investor looking to begin. And because of PPG’s Quality Deals and interests to build Sustainable Long Term Relationships, I would also recommend PPG to any established investor who is looking to optimize their efforts or scale their business.

- Chris B.

I just want to express my thanks and appreciation to Chris Herisko and Attorney Rob Felkay for all matters concerning the sale of the Brookline property. Both Rob and Chris made this experience as smooth and easy as possible.
Chris, the ‘Pittsburgh Property Guy’ was fair, professional and courteous during the entire process.
I would highly recommend Chris if you have a property to sell in the Pittsburgh area.

- Steve K.

I was stuck in a real bad situation with a piece of rental property that I had from a prior marriage. The place was becoming way too much for me to maintain. On top of that I was also having trouble keeping up with the payments and of course the bank was no help whatsoever. I then turned to a real estate agent and they couldn’t do much for me as the property was not worth what I owed on it. I actually thought about just letting the bank take the place. Just looking for solutions I found info on Pittsburgh Property Guy. I had no idea what to expect from this type of business and was skeptical at first, but I could not be happier that I found them. Nick and Chris got me out of this disaster. They found a buyer willing to take on my mortgage and eventually purchase the property outright. They are honest guys who understand these issues and were able to find a solution when nobody and I mean nobody else could. I could not be more grateful.

- Dave B.

I was happy that I sold my property to your company. My property was in a hard-to-sell situation mainly due to its location. As I was looking for a fast sale, I contacted several wholesale buyers that appear to specialize in the Pittsburgh area. Your company was the only one that tried to make things work even though the property location was somewhat outside the area for your typical purchases. The sale process was handled efficiently and professionally, and my questions were always kindly answered. So I was comfortable throughout the process. Thank you so much.

- Sean U.

I have been investing in real estate for 14 years. My company owns 25 single family homes, a condo and a commercial building. I have just recently purchased a home from your company and the price was fair, so I bought it. I will continue buying investment and flipping properties from your company.

- Robert S.

What an awesome experience I have had working with Pittsburgh Property Guy. They were very easy to work with. Also returned every phone call and every email or text message in a prompt time. I would definitely recommend using them, so pick up the phone and give them a call. You won’t be disappointed!

- Judy C.

Pittsburgh Property Guy was honest and fair all along the way. The details regard the house were accurate, the process of purchase were exactly as it should without any surprises or delays. The things they promised to do after the sale they did completely. I was happy doing business with them. I sure hope it will happen again.

- Alby N.

The whole experience was great and so easy. We really appreciate that. We are very busy with our work schedules and really didn’t have time to sell our house and you made it happen from the start. You did everything and even sent the closing attorney to our house to close. And the check was in our mailbox two days later. Can’t say enough. You were kind and yet professional and got it done.

- Nate P.

My mother recently passed away, and as the executrix of her estate, I had the responsibility of selling her house. My father had always taken very good care of the house, but as he was not well his last four or five years, the house was in need of repairs and upgrading. Not wanting to put more time or money into the house before selling it, I reached out to several people who would buy the property “as is”. I didn’t want to haggle over price, but had a good idea of what I would consider. I asked each person to give me their best deal. Pittsburgh Property Guy was who I chose. They were understanding of my position and worked with me to come up with a price we both felt was fair. The sale and closing was quick and professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone in the same situation.

- Marla P.