Sky Bridge House

Sky Bridge House

Blurs Boundaries Between Indoors & Out

A series of bridges, both open-air and glass-enclosed, unite two halves of a striking ultramodern concrete home in Singapore. The 66MRN House by local firm ONG&ONG divides the social areas of the home from the private spaces and ‘service functions’ like the kitchen. These spaces are further distinguished by variations in color and texture. The communal areas are clad in granite and the rest of the home in a tactile ribbed concrete.

The various functions merge together into a whole on the ground floor, united by stone steps in a serene reflecting pool. A three-story atrium reaches up to pull sunlight into this space, with bridges on the two upper levels.

Each half of the home rises into a gable shape, paying homage to traditional residential architecture while flouting it at the same time. Rooftop gardens look out onto the surrounding neighborhood.

“With its natural textures and abundance of greenery, it is the adherence to minimalist design that forms the essence of this modern family home, thus providing its inhabitants with a relaxing, spacious abode to return to at the end of the day,” say the architects.

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