Brookline Boulevard is Revitalized

Brookline Boulevard is Revitalized

Brookline Boulevard has been the cultural and commercial heart of the Brookline community since the start of the twentieth century.

After a two year long renovation that cost nearly $5.35 million Brookline Boulevard is revitalized. The area is finally seeing an improved sidewalk culture that promotes local businesses and is helping boost the economy back up. The revitalization process they have gone through has completely revamped the area and given it everything from new bike racks and benches to brighter street lights and crosswalks. There’s improved landscaping and increased parking available and residents are taking pride in their newly beautified street. Now the boulevard is the kind of main street that most communities would die to have. 

While the facelift for the community was a city project, the members of the community have found a way to balance tradition and change. This second largest neighborhood in Pittsburgh hosts a tight-knit community with historical houses, but also includes progressive new businesses and an ethnically diverse population. The food opportunities available on the boulevard include everything from authentic Mexican cuisine at Las Palmas Carniceria to classic Italian dishes at the Moonlite Cafe. Cannon Coffee, the Brookline Pub and Gordon’s Lounge are all popular hotspots to visit as well. There’s a little something for everyone throughout and that’s why this area is so important to the city of Pittsburgh as a whole.

Community Connection for PPG.

Pittsburgh Property Guy focuses all of our efforts to going out into the Pittsburgh real estate market and acquiring properties that need to be renovated and sold quickly. I love this job because personally it gives me an opportunity to give back to the community. I grew up in Brookline from birth to age twenty one when I left for college. I spent time at the historical site on the boulevard, known as The Cannon. I played basketball and baseball at Brookline Community Center. Getting to help revitalize this area and the greater Pittsburgh area is important to me and it fuels my passion for improvement and watching the positive effect it has on this city as a whole. I enjoy getting to watch a community have the opportunity to be reborn and flourish.

Are you interested in the Brookline Boulevard Restoration process?

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