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We buy houses throughout the Bethel Park area. We’re dedicated to helping homeowners find the best possible solutions for their property. Do you want to sell your house fast Pittsburgh?

If we don’t buy your home, let us help you succeed! Our team can assist with a rehab that fits your needs in order to get your home sold! Give us a call today! 412-212-7376 We are THE homebuyers of Pittsburgh!

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Sell Your House Fast Pittsburgh!

Welcome to Pittsburgh Property Guy! As a cornerstone of the Pittsburgh community for over 25 years, we are dedicated to upholding the legacy of our founder, Chris Herisko. Known for fair, compassionate, and trustworthy transactions, our mission is to help you sell your home quickly and efficiently, regardless of its condition or the burden of high closing costs. Simply submit your contact information, and we will reach out to discuss your unique situation and offer tailored solutions. We pride ourselves on providing honest and rapid transactions while bypassing the delays of traditional financing. Our passion extends beyond buying homes: We aim to rejuvenate our neighborhoods by transforming distressed properties and placing new homeowners into revitalized spaces. Trust us to handle your real estate needs with integrity and care.

How do I sell my house without an agent in Bethel Park?Innovative Solutions For Sellers


Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Chris and Angela founded Pittsburgh Property Guy to help real people find real solutions. Chris’ deep passion for fairness and commitment to helping clients, regardless of their situation, established genuine relationships built on respect and understanding. He was dedicated to mentoring and sharing his expertise, aiming to pass the business to his three sons. Now, it’s our turn to carry on his tradition.

As one of Bethel Park‘s premier real estate investing groups, we specialize in all phases of real estate. Our success is rooted in the relationships we’ve built and our straightforward process for buying and selling quality real estate. We buy houses in any condition, from well-maintained homes to those needing significant repairs. When we buy houses in Pittsburgh, the community embraces us because we are dedicated to beautifying and enhancing the neighborhoods we serve. Let Pittsburgh Property Guy help you today!

We Buy Houses in Pittsburgh and the Surrounding Areas!


Discover the Best Way to Sell Your House in Bethel Park

At Pittsburgh Property Guy, we prioritize honesty, integrity, and transparency. We simplify the home-selling process by eliminating the obstacles associated with traditional sales. Using our own cash, we buy homes in “as-is” condition and close on your timeline without charging commissions or fees. 

Our multi-talented team offers alternative solutions and expert guidance to best direct you through your unique situation. If you need to sell your house in Pittsburgh (Allegheny County) or its surrounding counties (Washington, Butler, Beaver, Westmoreland, etc.), PPG is the choice for you.

Do you have an unwanted house—good or bad? We are homebuyers of Pittsburgh! We take pride in helping homeowners who need to sell their Bethel Park house fast. Whether you’re dealing with foreclosure, bankruptcy, fire damage, divorce, probate/estate issues, or are simply a landlord tired of managing tenants, we can help. We can offer you a no-obligation, no-hassle offer without any costs or delays. We close quickly, providing you with the fast and efficient service you deserve. Let’s see your housew fast Pittsburgh!

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Chris and Angela were lifelong Bethel Park residents dedicated to making their hometown a better place for families. They founded Pittsburgh Property Guy as a full-service real estate company focused on helping people find real solutions to their needs. Chris’ deep passion and commitment to fairness drove him to help clients in any situation, building genuine relationships based on respect and understanding. Throughout his career, he mentored others, sharing his knowledge and expertise. Determined to pass the business to his three sons, Chris instilled in them the values that made PPG a trusted name. Today, Angela and the team run Pittsburgh Property Guy in honor of Chris. It is an honor to carry on his legacy and tradition. We are THE homebuyers of Pittsburgh! We want to help you!

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* Every property and situation are unique. The solutions we offer may include cash from our company, partners, banks, or private lenders.